Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Movie Trailer - INTO THE WILD (2007)

From what I understood so far, I think that Sean Penn's movie (based on real life events and a book) "Into the Wild" is about a young man who's tired of his everyday life in his cozy house but apparently, the life he is leading with his family, who seem to be the rich and pretentious type (?), isn't the one he wants to live and after fetching himself a car, he finally starts his adventure in a new world he wants to discover. This story seem to be about finding ourselves and thanks to the trailer, I understood that maybe the man's goal is to go to Alaska and finally find the answers to the question that had been bugging his whole existence. Of course, during his travels he meets different people and experiences a lot of breath taking experiences that makes his life worth living.

If I had to relate this movie to 2 notions, I'll pick "Myths and Heroes" first because the main character seems to be the brave type of guy who wont hesitate to make his dreams come true. He's like a role model to us because he looks like he's trying to tell us to follow our dreams no matter what chains us behind and, to reach our limits by doing so; The second notion would be the "Notion of Progress" but in my opinion, instead of progressing forward the main character takes a few steps back because after starting his travels, he burns his money and rips his credit cards which means that he is separating himself from our society. Of course, he ends up in the category of the good salvage because he won't be influenced by materialistic thoughts and concentrate himself on true values. This way of thinking can also be related to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's book about the good willed salvage.

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