Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spaces and Exchanges : Outsourcing and Offshoring: Two Cartoons

In this cartoon, we see a man, who looks like of the grandfather of the two children seated on the edge of a boat, giving them a lecture on the difference between Outsourcing and Off shoring. The kids seem amazed by their grandpa's talk and even push him into becoming a president, and if the hint of his name was not enough already, we quickly understand by looking at the man's face that the political figure humored in this cartoon is Mitt Romney, a republican candidate for the presidential in the United States back in 2012. Mitt Romney is standing on the Cayman Islands and we can see how he is trying to dig his money on haven islands in order to gain more benefits, and it does sound like a low blow because all these acts help him to not pay his taxes. In the background of the cartoon we can also see Switzerland and the Bermuda island, two places also known for their off shoring and outsourcing history.
Finally, the boat on the far left of the cartoon is obviously American because "belivin' in America" is writing on its side. All this little hints show us how much of a satirical critic this cartoon really is about off shoring and especially, on Mitt Romney. Sarcasm is really present in the message the artist tried to give us. We can relate this cartoon to Spaces and Exchanges because of how money can travel from different places and affect the world that surrounds it.

In this cartoon, we see two men having a conversation, and judging by what they are saying, we can assume that both of them are business men. The cartoon was made by Geek and Poke and these two men are talking about how they want to relocate their companies because of some issues going on in the country they are already settled in. The man wearing a tie tells him the reason behind his action : apparently his workers wanted to get paid and that's why they need to relocate so they can deal with more reasonable persons. Usually businessmen place their companies in less fortunate countries so they can earn less expensive workers than the ones in their home countries, but in this cartoon, they sound outraged and amazed by how their workers want to get paid for their hard work. Finally, the relation this document got with the notion Spaces and Exchanges is the idea of how people are ready to relocate their companies from a country to the other just for the sake of saving up more money and paying less.