Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MADtv iRack Video

After watching this video, I think that the notion most fitting with its context has to be "Progress & Notion of Power" because we can definitely see the idea of power in this video.
Steves Jobs is presenting a new iProduct whose name is "iRack" and the first thing that we think about after hearing this name is Iraq, the country. We can immediately relate the events of this video with the actions George W Bush decided to make after the tragic events of 9/11, who were to fight terrorism and attack Iraq based of speculations like "Ben Laden is hiding there" and what not. Eventually, Steve Jobs represents W.Bush/America in this video and he keeps putting products on the iRack who, obvious, are soldiers, and the spectators are against it because they don't want to see Steve Jobs (aka America) invade the "poor iRack". Eventually, Steve Jobs doesn't hear their pleads and continues stuffing the iRack with objects until it blows up. The people who are against this "act of violence" can represent the European states against Iraq's invasion, or, the American within the american state who're against such violence. In other words, the Notion of Power can definitely be used in this case because "Steve Jobs" doesn't hear everyone's opinions and keeps doing whatever he wants thanks to brutal violence and his own and personal opinion.