Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Post : My Own Art

Free Post : My Art :

I had a hard time picking a subject for this post but after talking with my classmates and hearing their opinions, I decided to do something about a theme which i hold dear to me : drawing.
I'm not the greatest artist out there but I'm not half bad either I guess. I started drawing when I was 3 or 4 years old I think... since I never got to go to kindergarten and make friends my age, I was bored and lonely by myself at home. One day though, my older sister gave me a book full of drawings and told me to try to copy them all (if could)  just to spend the time. After that, I spent my whole days drawings and wasting a hundred of papers (who could have been used for a better cause instead of some kid's doodles) and I improved a little over the years. 
My teachers used to tell me that I was pretty talented so I continued to draw everyday and now, here I am. I came a long way I supposed ? Well, I like what I do and I like drawing so everything is well.
I usually draw on my tablet or on my copybooks but I mostly do them on my Bamboo tablet. It looks rather easy but drawing is so hard I almost destroyed my computer when I first got it. Now things are, fortunately, going smoothly. I've been drawing on a tablet for 2 years anyways !

Well, to finish my post, I would like to say that I take art seriously even though I can't draw landscapes or realistic stuff but its fun to draw cute little people even though they don't look like real people. Everything is about having fun and if you think that you're enjoying yourself, everything is good !

Some drawings: 


  1. I want a pin's from you, like the one on your pencil case pleaaaaase! :D

    1. Sure thing, bro ! I'll do it when i'll have time ! :D